District Institute of Education & Training, Faridabad has a very significant asset, its library. The well equipped reading area can accommodate fifty students together. The reading hall is quite airy and well ventilated. It stocks a collection of over 1800 learning resources of all major disciplines taught in the Institute. It caters to the academic needs of the pupil teachers. The collection consists of books, Journals being supplied time and again by NCERT and SCERT, periodicals, pamphlets. The collection comprises books on Haryana state's culture and heritage, Economics, Political Science, Education, Psychology, languages, teaching skills, pedagogy, training, personality development etc. The rich collection of books on Home Science, astrology, Literature and health, art & culture also caters to the needs of the students. Various national dailies and magazines have been subscribed in order to cater to the needs of the students as well as the teaching staff. Library membership is open for all the trainees. All other faculties and the staff member can use the library for reference only. All the registered members are issued a membership card for all the transaction in the library. The reference books are not issued as a general policy and are consulted with in the library. The section in-charge,Mr. Jalwant Singh Lecturer can be approached to provide or guide the users the required information, or in locating the specially shelved books on request. The readers can get the books issued under rules for 10 days. The library remains open on all working days from 9 A.M. to 3 P.M.